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hard hand / soft hand

this morning reid is putting toothpaste on his toothbrush & said, “mom, look! i’m putting toothpaste on with my soft hand.” it took me a minute to realize he meant that he had used his left hand to squeeze the toothpaste (he’s right handed).

so, he calls his dominant (right) hand his “hard hand” and his left hand his “soft hand.” too cute.


A short but gross conversation with Reid

Reid calling from bathroom: “Moooooom! Will you wipe this kind of poop?”
Me: What kind of poop is it? Is it being funny & laughing at you?
Reid: No, it’s weird poop.
(I go to the bathroom)
Reid: What’s it like? Is it runny? It feels runny inside my butt.


blog address change

my blog address has changed to & after a day or so, you can also use to access it.

as you can see, i moved it, again.  but this will be permanent, will keep the blog attached to no matter where it lives!


My bad.

I have since learned that I wasn’t the first to think of the fruitfly trap, not even close.  I did a search for them, and there are a bajillion results on similar water bottle traps.  Although I did learn that balsamic vinegar & red wine (which Christina suggested) are the best bait, as they like fermented things best.  I definitely got more with the balsamic vinegar than I did with the pineapple juice.

Oh and yeah, seems all of them are finally gone!  It was seriously like “The Birds” in fruitfly style.  Woke up one morning and they were EVERYWHERE, blech.


The drowning of fruitflies

So a few days ago, it seems that in the box of nectarines we bought from Costco had a huge colony of fruitflies in it.  They have been driving us NUTS.  I got all clever this morning & made a contraption that may be useful to others, so thought I would share.

I cut the top of a plastic water bottle off (like at the spot where it’s the full diameter of the bottle.  I poured pineapple juice into the bottom part of the bottle.  I figured that would work best since it has a strong fruity scent.  Then I put the top inside the bottom part inverted.  Now when the little buttheads go into the bottle to get at the juice, they go down into the small hole and then have a hard time getting back out & eventually drown.  Cruel, I know.

Here are pics to demonstrate, but if dead bugs disturb you, look away. 😉 You can vaguely see them floating around in there, right now there’s probably 15 of them.

See?  I don’t always post completely useless stuff.


Get your kicks

Another Reidism I want to quickly jot down for posterity.  He has answered a good number of my questions today with the answer “Route 66.”

Me:  “What do you want for breakfast, buddy?”   Him: “Route 66”

Me:  “What are you looking for?”  Him:  “Route 66”

The boy’s not right, and I’m glad. 😉