What does “Dorfmunder” mean? It was the nickname my dad gave me before I was even born. It’s a twist on the Dortmunder character in the movie “The Hot Rock.” Now you know. Oh, and I’m a girl in case you are wondering. A girl who loves the St. Louis Cardinals more than is natural & non-creepy.

I’m lucky enough to work from home doing various things.  my husband Scott owns a flooring business & is amazing at his profession.  I do the books for that when I’m forced to. I am a good-enough web designer & have an at-home job doing the websites for 3 radio stations.

I have the husband/daughter/son/dog/cat thing going on, but do my best to make it fun & anti-minivan.  I make my kids walk the line, but also allow them to fart at the dinner table.  My hope is that they look back as fun yet productive adults & appreciate that we encouraged them to be their own people.  I hold onto every shred of self that I have, and can’t merely be a mom without my own identity.

Things I love in no particular order: baseball, Cardinals, yarn, knitting/crocheting, sewing, coffee, loud metal music, laughing, funny unpretentious people, potty humor, beer, facebook, track pants, reading, TV, chocolate, being pregnant (no more kids, tho), off-color jokes/vids/whatever, Volkswagens, alone time, open-window days, woodworking, putting together unassembled things, Rock Band, food, my cat, electronics (& rearranging them), cooking, the smell of babies, studying farming (want a sustainable farm someday), dancing horribly, being myself, & my family, husband & kids (which is obligatory).

Things I hate:  ketchup, raisins, yogurt, pushy religious people, the smell of perfume, cologne & cigarette smoke, snooty/uptight/corncob-up-their-ass people, my dog.

Oh, and I love Yadier Molina beyond words, and in my dreams he loves me, too.  I got to meet him in ’07 and he smelled delicious.  I totally snarfed his hair, yum.

404253423_6303721ee4 yadier240


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