Ya got me there, kid

So, Reid has this addiction to Lunchables.  You know, the meat/cheese/cracker deals.  We pretty much have them in the house all the time, and he would eat them for every meal.

As usual, he asked for one not too long after school.  I explained that I didn’t want him to have one for a snack.  He begged & said that it would be his dinner.  I got tired of arguing about it so I agreed, figuring that we could just trade times for dinner & snack and he could have a bowl of cereal or whatever later in the evening.  Anyway, I digress.

He eats the Lunchable, is happy, etc.  About an hour later he says, “Mom, I noticed that there is the word ‘lunch’ in ‘Lunchables.’  Thinking he was just taking notice of the words, he’s constantly trying to read & write words, and that is where I thought he was going with it.

Then he goes on to say, “Well, that means they are for lunch.  If they were for dinner, they would be called ‘Dinnerables.’  So that means it can’t be for dinner and I have to eat the dinner you cook.”

Crazy thing is that he totally could eat two dinners.  He is an eating MACHINE.


1 Response to “Ya got me there, kid”

  1. 1 Justin
    December 8, 2008 at 3:08 pm

    A marketing dude at Lunchables, Inc. just shed a tear.

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