Anyone who knows Scott & has experienced his sometimes bizarre personality can totally envision him doing this.  I think he’s dual-personality, because one day he’s totally normal (besides the whole liking country music thing), and the next he’s just flat-out weird.

Yesterday we went to Costco & it was one of their big sample days.  You know, the ones where you can take your kids around the store a few times and they’ve had a complete meal including dessert & drinks for free.  And yeah, we have totally done that more than once.

Anyway, they were giving out samples of Fitz’s Root Beer, some of which were diet.  Scott won’t touch diet soda of any sort, but for some reason decided to ask if they were sweetened with aspartame or Splenda.  When the girl said it was aspartame, Scott says (very loudly, I might add), “That killed ALL the monkeys, you know!”  This is from a documentary we watched on the dangers of aspartame, and the studies done on monkeys consuming it.  I kid you not. at least 20 people gave him the “OMGWTFLMAOBBQ” look, especially the sample handing-out girl.

This is the same guy who, when standing out in the medical building hallway while I was inside the pediatrician’s waiting room, lifted his shirt & smashed his moob to the glass of the door for me.  The waiting room was packed, and I had no choice but to claim him when Reid held his hands out & screeched “DADDY!” when Scott came in the waiting room.

I’m not sure that I love him because of this stuff or despite it…


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