I love my cat

Audrey is the most awesomest, sweetest, lovable kitty.  I haven’t loved an animal like I love her in a long time (although Cosmo is a very close second, RIP), and am just so darn glad she is mine. 🙂  The only naughty thing she does is chew my yarn in half when I’m not looking, but even then I can’t get mad.  She is a cat afterall, and it is yarn…

We hardly ever call her by name, usually we call her “Pritten,” which is a combo of “pretty” and “kitten.”  I teasingly called her that before I had come up with a name for her, and it kind of stuck.  Especially with Emma, she refuses to call her Audrey LOL.

So that’s all, just had to swoon a bit over my sweet girl. 🙂



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