cucumber foliage is severe.

Spam can be really hilarious.  From just one email, I give you a few quotes (blog title is my favorite):

  • Which placenta?
  • The psychiatry in sassy.
  • Of fantastic my boxing indispensable.
  • At gecko As lamp.
  • An to blown gloria pollen.
  • An so raider environment plywood.
  • But a cylindrical amnesty obese.
  • doodle as wake straits, you condominium.
  • masculine the eliminate calm
  • on as imply addiction paddle
  • I beaver his second.
  • puppet no hippie, in excepted of okay.

Since I’m here, will share another Reidism.  He was so excited when he noticed hair on his arm a few days ago, assuming it meant impending manhood.  Then the look of disappointment washed over him, he sighed and said to Scott, “But it’s kid hair, isn’t it?”

Today at Reid’s eye exam, the doctor explained that the whole thing would be totally painless and fast.  He replied with a double thumbs-up and a hearty cheer of “That’s the spirit!” The doc totally cracked up and invited Reid to stay with him the rest of the day for entertainment.  He popped off with a few others that I can’t remember, but they were also pretty good.

And one more, just so I have it documented.  I don’t think I have put this in my blog yet, but if I have, pardon me.   This was from several months ago.  We found Emma’s old Candyland game downstairs, and brought it up to play.  Emma mentioned that she remembered that the Easter Bunny gave it to her years ago, and had left a note of some sort taped to it.  Reid asked her if the note said “Thou shall not commit adultery.”

I swear, this kid needs to wear a voice recorder around his neck during his awake hours, because I forget so many of his isms.  I need to keep a notebook or something.


1 Response to “cucumber foliage is severe.”

  1. August 10, 2008 at 10:10 am

    Man, those Reidisms are awesome! Keep ’em coming!! I’m loving it.

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