This n That

Been a while, so here’s another blog montage:

During the school golf tournament, Scott found a small patch of Morels. We used to find them every year at the longtime vacant house across the street from our old place, but now people live there and probably wouldn’t appreciate us stealing their mushrooms. They were absolutely delightful, had a rare treat of filet mignon with them, which is only fitting. Had we paid for the morels it would have been a very pricey meal.


At 11:17pm tomorrow, Reid will officially be five years old. Whoa. Here are pics from his party, complete with his Lutheran school influence in the singing vid. He’s into superheroes BIG TIME these days, and it’s so cute. He cried for the movie theater to give him an encore viewing of Iron Man, it’s the first movie he’s ever sat all the way through.

We’ve been busting our humps doing some landscaping the last couple weeks. It’s not done yet, but can’t wait to post pics when it is. The focal point won’t be in for another few weeks, so it’s kind of empty right now, plus need some more bloomage on my flowers.

I have a major nerd crush on Eric Violette, the guy who does the Free Credit Report commercials.

I’m slowly accumulating a decent amount of work-at-home gigs. I already had one (that I get two PATHETIC checks a month from), but these will be actual income instead of chump change.

Our new neighbors are weird, weird, weird. I can give them a little bit of slack because they are old people from Florida. Jeff said Florida was “God’s waiting room” which totally cracked me up. Hadn’t heard that one before. No joke, the guy wears baby blue seersucker shorts, a v-neck undershirt, black socks & sandals. Anyway, they refuse to do the neighborly talk/wave thing, even if you are within 10 feet of them. Poor Reid tries and tries to no avail. Scott the comedian has capitalized on it. Every time he sees them outside, he yells over something like “Hi there! How’s it going?” After receiving his expected result of being ignored, will yell over again with a “Good to hear it, same here!” We also were entertained by the wife, in her standard old lady muu-muu, directing him parking one small car into an empty two-car garage.

I think that about all for now, at least what I can recall. Will be sure to do a breaking news report if necessary.


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