Mildly Impressive

So I have been thinking of revisiting my youth & having our family take Tae Kwon Do lessons together. Just to see if I still had any remnants of my teenage years left in me, I gave a go at the few things I still remember how to do form-wise. I’ll be damned if I couldn’t snap kick over Emma’s head! Scott put his hand up about 4″ over her head for reference and I hit it several times in a row. So I also have some accuracy left as well.

I think we were all shocked, here I am 80+ pounds overweight and still have a shred of fitness buried in there. I was also able to execute quite a few solid side kicks while staying balanced on my left leg. I give yoga all the credit for that, it has massively improved my balance.

Reminded me of how much fun TKD was back then, and what insanely good exercise it is. Although if I take lessons again, it won’t be at an un-air conditioned YMCA that reeked of feet, had 50+ students where only 10% gave a shit, with a lazy-eyed teacher. We called him “the guy who looked at you without looking at you.” (No offense intended to those who have this problem, I feel a bit ashamed posting that bit. Obviously not enough to exclude it though, eh?) I remember when Grandmaster Ahn came in for testing, that it felt like a celebrity was in our midst. It really was a great time and something I’m thankful our Dad endured.

And to my brother Justin (who excelled at TKD at an alarming pace), I have only one thing to say to you…Bow!


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