My dad

He’s just a funny quirky guy, and I love him for it. He can say the smallest thing and send me into fits of laughter. Or like the time about 8 years ago that he entered the living room full of our family by heaving into a dramatic somersault. I had no idea that a 50+ guy not in the movies could do that, not to mention the fact that he has a permanent limp and a horrendous knee. And no offense Dad, but you aren’t the most svelte fellow out there, which made it that much more impressive.

So onto this story. I get an email with the subject of “Aceite de cacahuetes” asking me how to clean the pot we used to deep-fry the turkey on thanksgiving. My Spanish is limited to about 20 words, funny how you don’t retain much from freshman Spanish class. So curiosity gets the best of me and I find an online translator to decode the subject.

Maybe my brother and I will be the only ones who find this funny, or smile & roll our eyes doing that “yep, that’s dad” thing. But I snorted when I saw this in the translator:


We had fried the turkey in peanut oil…


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