The things that my boy says

Scott, Reid and I were on one of our regular Costco trips, to get Reid’s usual fix of a truckload of fruit.  All the sudden, this conversation went down:

Reid:  I don’t want to be scared to death.  Is death nice?

Scott & I: (confused mumblings, shrugs & general confusion on what to say, which we never came up with before Reid started talking again)

Reid: I think he’s nice.  I’m going to be his best friend and call him Dave.

Us: (laughter)

Reid: He drives a green van and it’s REALLY pretty.  Yep, it’s green!

Seriously, you just can’t make this stuff up.  Unless you are a monkey that smokes crack.  So, if you are out & about and come across the angel of death in a green mini-van (he must need the room for his scythe), just wave and say hi to good ol’ Dave for us!

As I’m typing this, he’s in the kitchen by himself eating his fruit and said, “Oh fruit, I love you!” and then giggled.

What a kid.


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