Up for interpretation

This can either be overly corny or a moment of deep thought. I can’t decide which, and it’s probably a bit of both. Obviously I feel the spiritual & emotional aspects of baseball, and consider myself very fortunate that I’m one that “gets it.” I get chills, my stomach flip flops, my heart races, get lumps in my throat, and clap & cheer in the grocery store with my AM radio & headphones. It probably sounds incredibly silly to those that (what?!?!) aren’t interested in baseball. It just takes hold of you and won’t let go, and is only something that a fellow fan can truly understand. In baseball fanhood, you have an extended family made of people that you have never met, but feel like they are your closest cousins. Seriously.

So, with that long-winded preface I will bring you to something I put some thought into today. Something that I have noticed casually many times in watching baseball promos & vids on the jumbotron & such. I have my DVR networked to my computers so I can play music & pic slideshows from it. I find that when music is playing that I get off my butt and do something, so try to turn the TV off and the music on when I’m feeling lazy. The way I have it all hooked up, the TV has to stay turned on when songs are playing, so I play slideshows of our photos while the music plays. The kids really enjoy it, seeing all their baby pics & such on the big screen.

Today Reid wanted to see pics of the Cardinals on the TV, so I set it to just scroll through my baseball album. Finally, here comes the thing I am talking about. 😉 You can literally use any kind of music to play behind a baseball slideshow. Classical works, rock works, metal works. And each time the music changes, it brings different meaning to the same images. Different songs make the tone change from raw & competitive to uplifting & prideful, then another song makes it feel fun & lighthearted. Okay, like JUST NOW, Battery by Metallica is playing and as images of Ludwick sliding into home, Pujols smacking one against the skyline, Izzy striking a guy out, & Yadi throwing a rocket to second are scrolling. I mean geez, read those lyrics and say that wouldn’t get you all pumped up and find it an amazingly fitting song for this Cardinals season and all the adversity they have played through. It’s an absolute miracle we are sitting two games back after all that has happened (and what continues to happen).

The one that made me really take notice was “Come Sail Away” by Styx. Seemed like every time the word ‘angels’ was mentioned, there was Edmonds or Spiezio, etc on the screen. And again, many words in that song parallel this season.

As has been said so many times before, baseball mirrors life. And so does music, so it’s not a huge surprise that they also fit well together. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if I’m just being a freak reading way more into it, or if you are one like me (K.C. you *know* I’m talking to you!) and are shaking your head in agreement. Either way, I’ll continue to enjoy it and continually add to that slideshow year after year with my digital treasures. 🙂

OMG, and now Kip Wells’ face pops up on “Nobody’s Fault But My Own” by Beck. HA! Now here’s “A Small Victory” by Faith No More


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