We met Yadier!!!

What a fantastic day it was, an absolute dream come true. I had made a deal with Scott that he could play golf all day Monday if he helped me schlep the kids to the Molina/Wainwright autograph signing today. Let me tell you, to meet your most favorite ball player is quite the rush. I have never met anyone famous, or even semi-famous, and for my first one to be Yadi…well, that is HUGE.

I had called the store they were having it at, and they guy said they had literally hundreds of phone calls for it, and that it was limited to 450 people. It didn’t sound very promising, and there was no way I was going to stand in line for more than a couple hours with two kids. I was considering skipping it when I woke up this morning, but then figured that we may as well try. Obviously it was a good thing we did.

When we got there about 2 hours ahead of time, the lines were already around the sides of the building. People were saying that there would be 150 tickets to see Yadi for pics (no autographs), and 300 tickets to get an autograph from Wainwright (no pics). People were going down the line counting to see who all would get in, and surprisingly we were coming up in the 140’s each time. Finally the guy handing out tickets gets near us, and his pile of tickets is looking mighty slim. I thought for sure that we would be the cutoff of the haves & the have nots. And sure enough, we were. The people ahead of us got the last ones. But they were a family with 3 boys and said they would be fine with 2 tickets, since tickets were per photo and not per person. So they gave us two tickets. *whew* Well, the guy behind us was by himself and we had over an hour of friendly conversation with him and hated to see him without a ticket. So we kept one to get a pic of all 4 of us together with Yadi, and gave him ticket #150. He is the manager of a memorabilia store, and said to come in and he would give us a nice discount on something. Honestly, everyone there was SO nice & understanding of the whole deal, was a really nice atmosphere. Lots of strangers were sharing tickets to make them go farther & getting group pics so others could do the same. Then Mr Ticket Guy comes up to us & says that they had 50-ish Wainwright tickets left and gave us one of those! Good karma was just running rampant through the place. 🙂

They were pretty cool about letting you sneak pics in of other people getting their photos taken. So I have a lot of oddly cropped pics of Yadi in my album from cutting out random strangers. 😛 Some are from my cell and are crappy quality, but wanted to share them anyway.

So when it came our turn, Scott was carrying Reid and Yadi took him and plopped him in his lap. Lucky little brat. 😉 Reid and Yadi proceed to have a little conversation, pretty much with Yadi saying things like “wow, you are a big guy, aren’t you?” and Reid proudly saying “yep, and you’re Yadi!” The whole time I am using all restraint to not take a bite out of our catcher’s ear, or twirl that gorgeous curly hair with my fingers, but finally settled on putting my arm around him. He smelled soooo good. *swoon* The girl snapping the pics started to take the pic and Yadi asked her to wait until he was done talking to Reid. It was so surreal! Then she took the pic, he shook Scott’s hand and I patted him on the shoulder & congratulated him on his 2-run homer last night & thanked him for the pic. WOW.

I must have looked quite verklempt as I walked away, because a couple of middle-aged ladies gave me a big good-natured laugh & asked if I was in love. Uhhhm yeah, utterly & completely! Someone that can give you chills with a pick-off, or even with a simple fling of a catcher’s mask has got a serious hold on you. It doesn’t hurt that he is just cheek-pinching cute on top of being the best catcher in the game.

Unfortunately, we did miss out on the Wainwright autograph. The line was very very very long when we got done with Yadi, and the kids were hungry & tired from being in line for 3+ hours already. It was also moving painfully slow, so we had the idea that we would get a really quick bite to eat for the line to shorten some. Well they must have herded those people like cattle, because in the half hour we were away, the line was gone, Wainwright was gone, and everything was cleaned up already. But we did get some good pics of him, and we were pretty satisfied with that, considering they were being picky about pics with Wainwright. Just wish I could have given that ticket to someone else to use, that bugged me more than not getting it myself.

So anyway, here are the pics!

Meeting Yadi & Wainwright

2 Responses to “We met Yadier!!!”

  1. 1 Debbie
    September 1, 2007 at 6:44 pm

    I was wondering who that guy was and why you guys were all wearing gigantic grins. 😛

  2. 2 Mom
    September 2, 2007 at 3:19 pm

    What a great picture! Why the drool on your chin didn’t even show…LOL!

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