I rest my case.

I love the “Best Damn” countdowns and pretty much any baseball highlight kind of shows. The very next day after I posted about Jimmy Edmonds, I woke up to the Best Catches countdown on TV just as they were doing a cool montage on him. He was in several slots on the show, and not surprisingly took #1. So here’s a montage I made of the montage, just to prove to you that the saying about Jimmy is true.

Water covers 75% of the earth, and Edmonds covers the rest.

So enjoy being amazed by one of the greats, Jimmy “Ballgame” Edmonds! Nobody can read a ball coming to his back like that guy can, I can seriously watch this vid over and over and over. Maybe someday I’ll be able to put something together about his throwing accuracy, because he’s every bit as good at that as he is reading a catch.Edmonds VidAnd sweet mercy, he ain’t hard on the eyes either.jimedmonds.jpg

It’s awesome to see the “MV3” back in action. I have to admit that Scott Rolen is growing on me lately, obviously he’s a sickeningly fantastic third basemen and the Cards wouldn’t be the same without him, but does lack in the personality department to put it delicately. I used to have a hard time overlooking that, but either he is softening up or I am.


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