Brushes with Redbirds

Obviously the Cardinals are the ultimate celebrities in my house. And twice in one week we’ve had slight brushes with them, so thought I would share.

After leaving the Aug 6 game, Scott and Emma had crossed the street before Reid, my friend Kathy, and I. Just as we approached the corner, the cop had us stop for traffic to turn onto the road we were crossing. The cop told me to pick Reid up, and I found it odd but did what he told me to, figuring it was for safety or something. Then the cop gestured as he said, “Have him look this way, Eckstein (Cards shortstop for the unaware) should be driving past here any minute now.” Within about 30 seconds the cop told us what car to look for, and sure enough it was him! We waved like crazy, and he waved back with a big smile. We alerted Scott and Emma, with being on the other side of the street actually had an even closer view of him, and got the same treatment as well. We thanked the cop up and down and went on our way. But not before Reid asked him his name, so thanks goes out to Cop Charlie of the StL PD!

Second story only involves Scott when he was measuring a job. He did his normal thing, chatting with the customer, etc. It wasn’t until he got back to his supplier that they mentioned the guy was Andy Benes’ brother Alan (both work in the Cards organization). So Andy Benes is a retired pitcher, but a player nonetheless…and I’m encouraging Scott to get buddy-buddy with him to see if we can reap any benefits. šŸ˜€


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