Wii + Small Boy = Nightmare

Why am I always so naive about this kind of stuff? So many times I have bought a “family fun” item, only to have it become the object of frustration and argument. But do I learn? Of course not. I am suckered in every single time, with the memory of previous disasters erased from my brain.

Such is the Wii. I have wanted one FOREVER, and I was having a particularly bad day when the itrackr email came in that our local Target had them in stock. I sent Scott, who was on my shit list, to go get one.

As soon as he got home, the house erupted into chaos. The kids were already fighting over it as I was setting it up. I played a couple very short games just to get the feel of the controller and then in despair, turned them over to the kids. Fighting escalated, so I left Scott to deal with it and I retreated to my room in disgust with trusty DS in hand.

Here it is 4 days later, and the majority of the fighting has subdued. But OMG, Reid couldn’t be more annoying over the Wii if he were being paid a 6-figure salary to do it. I have to give him credit, he’s a real pro. He’s swapping discs mid-game so fast that they look like throwing stars. The Wii is nearly in tears, begging for the proper disc to be inserted. Of course he’s being < sarcasm> incredibly gentle < /sarcasm> on the $50 a pop games.

Then there is the whole issue of him not having a CLUE how to use the controller. He’s really quite good on standard controllers, like on his Cube or DS. He shocks me sometimes that he really knows what he is doing. I knew there would be a learning curve with the Wii, but figured he would catch on pretty quickly. No such luck as of yet. He just moves it around all willy-nilly, sometimes able to get a connection to the sensor, but most of the time not. I have no clue how to help him figure it out, all efforts have failed.

So, much of my day today has been spent in Toddler Wii Training (sorry, couldn’t resist). There have been tears, tantrums, screaming, foot-stomping…and Reid has been a little miffed over it, too.

My Wii review? I give it two thumbs jammed in my eyes in frustration.


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