Sometimes it pays

to be a bullshitter. My husband is the prince of it (his father is the undisputed king), and I challenge anyone to rattle on longer than he can about absolutely NOTHING. Especially with old people, they absolutely adore him. It’s kind of like how dogs can sense people who love dogs, he can sniff out every old fart within a 10 mile radius who is willing to talk about useless and totally boring crap. They talk about nails, and fishing lures, and old vans, and concrete, and lumber, and of many other things that “just aren’t what they used to be.”

But today, he got his bullshitting payday. It probably only equates to about 1/10,000 of a cent per hour, but still it finally paid off. A repayment for the healthy percentage of my lifespan I’ve spent standing next to him in a store, painfully enduring a deep discussion about duct tape with a random elderly couple he’s never met.

Ah yes, today folks, he bullshitted himself into a free 55″ HDTV! Said random elderly couple had bought a new plasma and didn’t have room anywhere for the one they were replacing. Works perfectly, about 5 years old, not a scratch on it, and is going to be ideal for the basement. The old guy was complaining that the store delivering the new TV was charging him $50 to haul off the old one. Scott graciously offered to save them the $50 and take it off their hands, cause that is the sweet guy he is. (Actually, he really IS sweet, but can’t deny the ulterior motive in this case.)

Not too shabby, eh? 😀


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