Ahhhhh, baseball!

The horrible emptiness that is the off-season is almost over, hooray!

I’ve been watching every minute of every show that Tivo picks up under my Cardinals wishlist, in desperate anticipation of the ’07 season starting. And I hear the hallelujah chorus when a spring training game is televised. I even watch those cheesy budget baseball talk shows that recorded at 2am on Monday night. I get exponentially worse every year. It truly shames me to say that until about four years ago I really was just a fair-weather fan. Ouch, that hurts to admit it.

10 years ago I couldn’t imagine being the baseball nut my Grandma is, and now I can totally see my future in her. Someday I’ll be the old lady with a cat yelling at a 19″ TV, sitting at a card table with a 10 million piece puzzle in progress on top. Oh mercy, what a scary but realistic thought. But honestly, I think it’s just the coolest thing ever that my Grandma’s life revolves around baseball games (or whatever sport season it happens to be). It’s so endearing, and just so HER.

The Cards played a magnificent game in ST against the Orioles today, they were sooo tight & together. Looper pitched a very admirable 6+ no-run innings. It got me so pumped that I bought tickets to 2 games pretty much immediately after. I’m having a serious case of non-buyer’s remorse over deciding against the season tickets. 😛 I’m sure I’ll deal once the season is in full swing, and I’ll be over the fact that I wasn’t there in person for the opening game and/or the ring ceremony (my brother gets to see that, color me green with envy). I really think it’s just this desire in me to make up for lost time in some way for not paying enough attention to this marvelous sport. I weep for my mediocre fanhood of the past.

Anyway, about those tickets. I got a pair for Scott and I just a few seats down from my brother’s season seats, so that should be fun. Hopefully the people in between us will be nice & trade us spots. With my dad’s birthday coming up, and him not being a “stuff” kind of guy & for sure a sports guy, thought it would be perfect to just buy 3 more tickets to take him to a game. Picked an Astros game so it would be a possible nail-biter.

I can’t wait to step into the stadium again, just the thought nearly makes my heart skip a beat.


1 Response to “Ahhhhh, baseball!”

  1. 1 ~Julie~
    March 30, 2007 at 10:23 am

    BASEBALL!!!!! I am so excited!

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