Gone are the days

of Iron Maiden & Clapton concerts (with my Dad, no less. I cannot express to you the joy of growing up around good music, it truly is a gift. There’s few things that equal giving your dad a GB of Talking Heads & him being totally stoked about it.)

My black heavy metal tshirts have been replaced with things designed to hide my childbearing hips. I eat applesauce from little plastic cups and think string cheese is fun.

My daughter’s friend called me a “cool mom” a few days ago, and honestly I don’t know what to think of that. Part of me is flattered, and the other part of me finds it so pathetic to be inducted into that oxymoronic group.

Once you become a parent, your molecular structure changes permanently. Parenthood cannot be escaped, and if you try, it hunts you down and pins you to the ground like a wild animal. It took me until my first kid was about 8 to realize it, when I started getting really weary of the whole ‘acting like a mom’ scene. I felt a strong desire to be ME again, and not just MOM. For a couple years it made me bitter, and I really fought against my inner Mom. But once I realized that it’s not going anywhere, and going from one extreme to the other in my momhood, I finally did find a balance.

Case in point (yes, there really is a point) was yesterday. We went to the Doodlebops live, and had really good seats since I bought them back in October. We had a GREAT time, all of us singing & dancing to silly toddler songs. I noticed in particular how neat it was that Emma was just totally into the moment, not caring about looking dumb, or even who was watching her. I could be wrong, because I don’t have this much contact with any other 11-year-olds, but I believe this is rare here in 2007.

I hope the ‘gift’ that I pass onto my kids is to just be themselves. I wasted so many years on being what I ‘should’ be, and worried about what other people thought, etc. I am a zillion times happier just being myself, as cliche as that sounds. It’s a cliche, but yet I feel that so few people TRULY have this, and it’s a real shame. Yet another cliche, but here it goes…the more you like yourself, the more others will, too. Go ahead, roll your eyes and think I’m corny, but you know it’s true. (See, there’s the permanent Mom thing speaking.)

Anyway, I honestly didn’t meant to blather on like that, wow. All I meant to do was show you the pics from yesterday, sheesh. So here they are for Pete’s sake…


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