Happy Dorfday!

Well, not just yet, but my birthday is the 11th! 😀

Today I got not one, but TWO gifts in the mail, yay! And a couple days ago I got a card from my Grandma that was so sweet that it made me tear up. So it’s not even my bday and it’s already been awesome!

A total surprise, I got a mysterious notice from the post office that I had a package there, but hadn’t ordered anything. Okay, so I lie. I didn’t order anything that was due to come USPS. Of course I had ordered something, this IS me we are talking about. Anyway, I digress.

So I go to the PO and there’s a box from my mom, with a super cool knitting book with all kinds of special stitches, textures, edgings, techniques, etc. Very cool reference called The Knitter’s Bible. I love it Mom, thanks!

Get home from the 5 minute trip to the PO, and what is on my porch? My Cobalt Flux dance pad, yeehaw! I ordered it for myself, because let’s face it, I totally deserve it. 😉

What sucks is that my belly is still a little too touchy to be jumping around on it just yet. I did about 3 songs before I got queasy tho, and it’s AWESOME. I can tell that I’m going to adore it.

Then I had a bunch of credit built up on allofmp3.com so downloaded about 200 songs today. And I can eat solid food today too, so yay yay yay!


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