Randomness on a snow day

For those of you to enjoy who don’t have to deal with this crap:

This is the first inch of what ended up being about 2″ of solid ice pellets, with a little snow dusted on top by the morning. We were lucky, most people around here got much more. And we are one of the few areas in the county that still have power, which translates to many house guests once Scott gets them all picked up & hauled over here.

A funny face that Emma caught of Rachael Ray (who is her idol BTW). I was really impressed with this one!

And I guess this will be filed under “I thought it was funny that he thought this was funny.” Yesterday Scott & I were discussing how Emma & her cousin Cody get along with each other. They either love each other or hate each other, just like siblings. Anyway, I said “They’re either peas & carrots, or needles & balloons.” Scott thought that was the strangest thing he’d ever heard, as if I compared it to napalm & kittens. My simple country boy husband, gotta love him…


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