My contribution to knitting & recycling

I’ve been doing this for ages and have meant to post it for a while. I discovered an awesome use for the plastic containers that blank CD’s/DVD’s come in, you know, the ones with a spindle?

If you pop the spindle part off (most just twist or screw off, but I’ve cut a few off with a utility knife as well), they make an awesome & compact yarn holder. The smaller ones PERFECTLY hold a center-pull ball from the standard sized ball winder. It holds the yarn so snug that it will still be standing up, hanging onto the sides of the container even when you are down to one layer of strands left!

Bask in my genius:

060608 001.jpg

060608 002.jpg

I have pics of projects that I need to upload here as well, I’ve been behind on that. Nothing earth shattering, just more socks for the most part. I’m trying to figure myself out of a project that worked so perfectly in my mind, but not so much in yarn. The light bulb will go off when I least expect it and I know it’s going to be cute once I get it done!


1 Response to “My contribution to knitting & recycling”

  1. 1 Knit Diva
    February 14, 2007 at 8:38 pm

    This is an Awesome IDEA!!!! I have TONS of these laying around the house. Thanks for the idea

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