MMM, Meringuey!

It’s really a blessing & a curse to be a constant reader. If the printed word is in front of me, I’m going to read it. Whether it’s a book, instruction manual, a package of toilet paper, or a piece of junk mail. When we buy something new, Scott pulls the item out of the box & starts messing with it, but not before he gives me the manual. Not that I’m stupid and must know how a coffeepot operates, but there may be something really cool that it does that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

ANYWAY, so we get a new toaster and I’m reading the box it came in. I find this delicious recipe:

How in the hell did meringue powder get in THAT recipe, and even more strangely, why that much? A full container of meringue powder is enough to make like 20 pounds of royal icing (the hard glue-like icing that you put gingerbread houses together with for those not in the know). I’m sure it was just a matter of a line not being deleted when they were replacing another recipe, but I found it quite funny. And then found it to be really lame that I was reading a toaster box to even notice it.

I still can’t think of one recipe that would use meringue powder that goes in a toaster…


1 Response to “MMM, Meringuey!”

  1. 1 Melzer
    June 16, 2006 at 10:28 am

    Good catch, Dorf! You should send that in to Letterman.

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