slippers without the slip

While awaiting the last bit of yarn to arrive for the French Market Bag (thanks a million, Kim!), I had to do something to keep my needles from being lonely. I whipped these puppies up with some yarn that I bought with absolutely nothing in mind, other than the fact that I liked the colors. Red, turquoise, & black are my absolute faves, and I am tolerating the fuschia.

I decided that they needed something on the bottom for two reasons. 1) Because I am a klutz and have hardwood floors, and B) My biggest pet peeve is wet socks. If you want to see me go ballistic, watch me step in a tiny puddle of water from doing dishes or giving the boy a bath. It ain’t pretty. Wearing shoes indoors is NOT an option either, wearing shoes rivals wet socks on my list of most hated things.

So, I figured that suede would be nice for the bottom, and it worked like a charm! They aren’t slippery at all, and if the bottom gets wet I don’t feel it. Yay!

Pardon the fact that the bottoms aren’t super clean in the pics, but I’ve been wearing them for a few days now. 😛



Now I have about 2″ done on a pair of socks that are knitted toe-up, both socks at the same time on 2 circular needles. I have to say that I still prefer making socks on dpn’s, but this process is pretty interesting. It’s just slower than dpn’s because you are constantly having to pull your work from the cable to the needle & vice versa. But it’s pretty cool that when I’m done that both socks will be made!


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