My very first knitted design!

There are more pics of it HERE

I call it the “Elephant Pack” because the front of it looks like an elephant face. 🙂 I never even noticed until after I got it felted. As I’m sure with most first-time designers, I’m not 100% thrilled with how it turned out, but probably give myself a B on it.

It took nearly 6 skeins (at $13/pop YIKES) of Berroco Hip-Hop in Zion (7240). If I had it to do over again, I would have chose something else, mainly because of the cost. You really don’t see the size variation after felting it anyway. It felted up nicely, although I didn’t felt it super heavy as I wanted to keep it as big as possible and have a bit of stitch definition left.

The idea came to me from wishing there was a backpack version of the Booga Bag. I pretty much just did it on the fly and as thoughts came to me I tried them out. The flap narrows down to the “elephant trunk” and uses a short i-cord loop to feed it into for a closure. It holds the flap down really securely and is quick to use, which I was happy about.

The straps are i-cord that change to a flat and wide backpack strap. So the sides are folded in paper bag style and the i-cord section of the strap is fed from the back to the front through the folded area and secured with a knot. I didn’t like the look of the couple inches of remaining i-cord hanging out, so I curled the leftover around the knots into little “buns” and tacked it together with a few stitches of leftover yarn. It looks better and makes the knots larger, which in turn makes the straps more secure. The beauty of this whole setup is that as you are wearing it, the weight of the contents is pulling on the straps, making it hold the side folds in even tighter! 😀

I like to be able to grab a backpack from a small hand strap on top, but as you can see that after felting, the said hand strap is sitting squarely in the center of the back of the bag. So, that is going to have to be moved. 😛

And it wouldn’t be a bag of mine if it didn’t have a small pocket for my cards & cash. I hate wallets and must have a little card pocket. In my booga I have a little felted zipper coin purse made from the same yarn that is on a crocheted chain so I can find it easily. So yeah, I’m a lover of little pockets.

Anyway, there it is, my first knitted design!


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