Look Ma, no circulars!

(Side note: I had to take a hat & bootie break due to my yarn store being out of the plush yarn. I had to order it online & am waiting for it. Normally I am very disciplined about not starting one project before completing another, but I made an exception!)

After a couple failed attempts at knitting in the round with double pointed needles, I was determined to get it right! My problem was that I was trying to work them with the needles in a vertical position rather than horizontal, duh. Everything was so tight that my yarn would break, once again, duh. I had the general concept right, but was just positioning the needles all wrong.

Anyway, I have mastered dpn’s and am LOVING it! Here’s the progress on my first 100% dpn project, a chenille stocking with a fur top. I am going to make a green one to match it. You can see the green color as my stitch holding waste yarn for the heel in the pics, actually.

The pattern I’m using is based on this one but I had to size it down a bit because the pattern calls for felting, which obviously won’t be happening with chenille yarn. Plus the chenille is way thicker than worsted weight and it would have been big enough to put my toddler into had I done it exactly as the pattern called. 😉

I think that I’m going to do the heel & tip of the toe in the opposite color as well. 🙂


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