Booga, Booga!

I finished knitting Mom’s booga bag this evening, and of course I couldn’t wait to get it felted. So, here I am posting about it at nearly 1am.



Showing off the fizz yarn from a different angle:

It should be dry by tomorrow afternoon and then I can attach the straps. I crocheted a flat wide strap for this bag, and I really like it! Way faster than an i-cord and sturdier.

(edited next day to show bag after handles attached):

I didn’t let my needles even cool off before casting on Grant’s hat! I’ll probably get the furry edge done tonight (this morning, whatever) and light into the faux suede part tomorrow when my head is clear. Lots of decreases on that one, and I’ve not done this pattern before, so I can’t go on autopilot!


1 Response to “Booga, Booga!”

  1. 1 MOM
    November 6, 2005 at 8:23 pm

    Got my booga bag and it’s even MORE gorgeous than in the photos! I’m one lucky mom!

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