Up Diggety Date

It’s taken me a good three minutes to figure out where to start…

Today was supposed to be the final walk-through & inspection on the new house, and tomorrow the closing. Things were absolutely chaotic over there today, with nearly every trade running around doing final touches.

Then I get a call from the agent that our loan officer went into the hospital with pneumonia (I *told* him that he sounded like he had it, the mommy in me just knew!), and that the underwriters didn’t like something about how the appraisal was done. So, this puts our closing off until the beginning of next week.

We are actually REALLY relieved because we had no idea how Scott was going to find the time to install the carpet before all this happened. At least it wasn’t a disappointment, and it’s not like I’ve packed more than five boxes anyway. Yeah, I know that I should be ashamed of myself.

The house got scrubbed from top to bottom by cleaning ladies hired by the construction company, which was very nice. Probably the only time my house will ever see cleaning ladies. 😉 They were all really sweet, and gave me a handmade candle as a gift LMAO! Those of you who know me will definitely get that joke! Made with J50 for those candlemakers that read my blog.

Keep your fingers & toes crossed that the appraisal on our current house goes much more smoothly than the last one. It’s at 10am tomorrow. Please, please, please let this go well. I really have no desire to pay two house payments at once.


1 Response to “Up Diggety Date”

  1. 1 MOM
    August 17, 2005 at 5:51 pm

    Prayers headed your way that all goes well on the appraisal tomorrow!

    A handmade candle?…LMAO! Hey, if those cleaning ladies are bored they can always come here for the day!

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