Band-Aids & Bitching

So, today I finally had a boo-boo that could actually utilize a tiny round Band-Aid. I cut myself shaving (no, not my beard), and was amazed that there was actually a use for those little suckers. The ones where you tell your kid that there is a box of them in the bathroom, only for them to reply “But mom, there’s only the little round ones left!” You know, the ones that there are 90 of in a box of 100 Band-Aids, just so they can say there technically ARE 100 Band-Aids in the box? The Band-Aid company never claimed them to be useful, just present in the box. But here I am, proudly sporting my teeny tiny round Band-Aid, and all is right with the world. I am quite sure that my boo-boo is healing nicely.

On another note (how do you segue from Band-Aids to mortgages?), things are nuts on both sides of the fence with the house business. Yesterday was filled with nothing but crappy news. Long story short, there are some FHA snags with the buyers of our current house. We will know much more on Monday when the agent has a full business day to investigate things.

But the best part is what’s going on with the new house, well not the house itself, but the financing. Scott has a Lowe’s credit card for his business, and like every bill we have, I set it up on autopay through their website. He didn’t use it for quite a long time, so there wasn’t a balance on it. Well, one month he did use it, but the autopay didn’t go through and put us at 30 days past due on a freaking $10 minimum payment. The amount he actually put on the card was a little over $100, but of course all that HAD to be paid was the $10 minimum payment. This oversight cost Scott FIFTY points on his credit rating, and knocked us into a higher interest rate bracket on our mortgage. 😦 Our loan officer called me and explained what was going on and that he believed me 110% when I said it wasn’t like I just didn’t pay the bill.

Soooo, Scott called the credit company and explained that there was no way we would purposely let $100 screw up our mortgage and told him that they autopay didn’t work right. Luckily he was talking to a reasonable CSR, and the guy reversed the negative credit rating. But, it takes up to 90 days for this to show up on Scott’s credit report…which is not good considering we close on our new house in about a week. They are sending us a letter to show to the underwriters, and all we can do is hope & pray it’s enough proof for them. Damn it!

Worst case scenario is that we have to take a higher interest rate for 6 months, but it will make our house payment about $250 more a month, EEK! So, doing the math, that little $10 fiasco could cost us $1500!!! Ouch, ouch, and ouch. We have had the same loan officer for like 9 years, and he is a great guy that we have really built a good business relationship with. I think he’s just as sick over it as we are, and I do know that he will do anything within his power to make it right for us. He’s a really cool guy, and always remarks on how far we’ve come since he first met us and how happy he is about us getting the new house, etc. Plus there’s something mystical about being able to cuss with a guy wearing a suit in an office, like you’re getting away with something. 😉

I’ll be the first to admit that we had a very sorry credit rating at one time, but we have worked very hard to fix it for the last few years. We were about at a perfect credit rating, only have it to get screwed by such a tiny thing at the absolute WORST time. Real funny, Murphy. You got us good this time, you jerk!

It seals as it heals,


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