What an insane few weeks it has been! I probably won’t even remember to put all of it down here, but giving it a shot.

Operation “Sell this house:” Yes, I am finally over the blues of selling this house, and am looking so forward to moving into the new one. Change sometimes doesn’t come easy for me and I’m just glad I got it out of my system. After about 30 showings in two weeks, which was total insanity, we had three offers to choose from. One was an absolute laugh and they rejected our counteroffer. Two others were competing against each other and kept upping the ante and both kept accepting our counteroffers. We were trying to see who was going to go the farthest and they just kept going. Finally one guy won out (it’s a biker looking guy with an 8-YO special needs daughter that he has raised on his own, I *really* liked them) and we got asking price. Plus he agreed to do the remodels on the downstairs bathroom & utility/laundry that we had planned on finishing, so that saves us about a grand and a ton of time.

We close on this house Aug 26, and we are due to be in our new place the first or second week of Aug, so the timing is so perfect! We will have a week or two to move, but still won’t have two house payments in the same month.

Operation “New House:” Things are really coming together! We are now putting the floors down, which has Scott just exhausted. He’s working regular days, and then going straight to the new house to lay floors there. His life is nonstop flooring, the poor guy! This evening, he was just dragging, which is so unlike him. He’s so energetic and hard working, so I knew when he passed out sitting up after coming home for a bite to eat earlier today, that he needed some help. Plus the guy who was supposed to help him today bailed on him.

So, wonderful wife that I am (hehe), I packed up some toys for Reid and some snacks for the kids, and we went over there to help. Emma was even really into giving Dad a break, she said that she would play with Reid so I could help Daddy. πŸ™‚ We took Reid’s ride-on car and a baby gate, and he had a blast tootling around in the basement.

I helped him get all the grout joints cleaned out, and Emma volunteered to mop all the tile! I was totally shocked, and she did a great job! πŸ™‚ I strapped on the knee pads and my rubber gloves and went to work grouting the bathrooms. It’s been probably four years since I worked with Scott (for those of you not in the know, Scott and I were a team for about five years, and believe me, I worked as hard as all the guys), but surprisingly it came right back to me! It sure brought back memories of us working together way back when. And I *hated* grouting with a passion and avoided it at all costs back then LOL.

It was getting dark and getting close to Reid’s bedtime, so we came back home while Scott stayed behind to work on the kitchen. The cabinets are due to go in tomorrow and at the very least the areas where the cabinets go has to be grouted tonight. Anyway, we get home and all of us are sweaty and filthy, so we do baths & showers, then a quick dinner, and then bedtime for Reid.

Well, that’s enough of my rambling for one day. Eventually I will become much less busy and possibly have something interesting and/or witty to say.

~I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan


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