(Sorry SM’s, this is a direct cut/paste from the board!)

We had a huge yard sale yesterday, and we ended up making around $500! Most of our higher priced items didn’t sell either, so will put an ad in the paper for those & see what happens.

It was the highlight of the day when Lisa, Lydia, Kelsey (sp?), and of course T2 (who is starting to make his/her presence known!) came to see us during the yard sale. Lyd was so cute, sitting in the grass reading books. She is just the sweetest thing and reminds me SO MUCH of Emma at that age!

The new house is continuing to make awesome progress every day. They should be done hanging drywall tomorrow. Wow does it look so different and feel more like a house now that the rooms are getting closed in! It’s so cool! I’ve seen it a million times before in our business, but when you know it’s yours, it’s so different.

I finally made a choice on the hardwood we are going to put in the house. There will only be carpet in the bedrooms and going down the steps to the basement, so there will be lots of it and I wanted to be sure I chose something I would like a long time. I’m going with Canadian Birch. There’s pics of it in the “house stuff” album in my gallery.

I also made the final decision on the furniture I had to buy today, and we put the deposit on that. Everything else we have is fairly new or I like it a lot, which is helpful for the pocketbook. I got a new dinette set, headboard for Emma, and a bedroom suit for us.

If you’re interested, this is our bedroom suit http://www.standard-furniture.com/showsuite.asp?SuiteID=394
this is the dinette(except ours is the ebony color) http://www.ligoproducts.com/con_bars_1003.asp
And this is Emma’s headboard http://www.greatpricedfurniture.com/images/website/products/10322/4.jpg

I’ve never in my life had a full matching bedroom set, and I’m so excited!

As far as our current house goes, I’m finally getting over the blues about leaving, THANK GOD! I was a basketcase over it for quite a while. It’s a good thing, because we have tons of showings already set up for this week. One lady that came to our yard sale was one of the people set to have a showing tomorrow, and after some talking, she realized this was the house her realtor was talking about! So, Scott gave her a quick tour and she absolutely flipped over the house and said she couldn’t wait for the showing so she could see it again! The lady was so nice, and would be the kind of person I’d love to have living here.

Now I’m off to tidy up for our showings today, fun fun fun!


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