I’d like to be able to say that I worked my ass off this weekend…

but surprisingly, it’s still there. MAN, did we do a lot this weekend! I had slowly over the course of the past couple weeks gathered up things, planning for a yard sale before we move. I can’t believe how much I have to sell. I am famous for being an anti-packrat and am huge on throwing/giving things away. So where did all this crap come from?! My workshop is FULL of stuff for the yard sale. We have gone through every storage area in the house, and then some.

Okay, so I did lie…I have a very hard time getting rid of baby stuff. I had sold a buttload at my last yard sale, but some of it was just too painful to let go of just yet. It’s not easy now either, but I know that we are 99.9% sure we are done having kids. And for me, it’s not so much the fact that I won’t be having any more (well, maybe a little, pregnancy/newborn stuff is so awesome), but seeing the ones I have growing so dang fast.

In the same day, I had to go through Reid’s newborn clothes to get some ready to send to Julie and to sell the stuff I know she wouldn’t want. The stuff I’m sending to Julie has meaning to me, so I’m glad she is getting it, makes it 100 times easier. Of course I kept a few sentimental things, but you just can’t hang onto every outfit your kid ever wore that reminds you of something. Because they ALL do.

So, after that I was helping Emma with her room. We went through EVERYTHING in there, rearranged furniture, the works. The girl is like her mom and is a throw-awayer, yay! All she has in her room now (besides furniture, of course) is her clothes, TV, books, movies, & a few stuffed animals. It’s totally barren in there. So anyway, I have a bag from the hospital from when she was born that I keep all of her “baby memories” in. OMG, I found a freaking letter I had wrote to Emma when she was a year old. Let me tell you, this has more impact than you ever dreamed…so please, I beg of you, write your littles a letter so they can read it and cry with you when they are 9. And in the letter I referenced the day that we went through this bag of memories, and how we would read it together. Holy crap, I’m crying again. It was just awesome.

I’m so emotional and sentimental these days. I don’t normally wear my heart out on my sleeve, but lately I can cry so easily. Deep down, I think it’s all the emotions of starting a new chapter in our lives, etc. We’re done having kids, we’re moving to a new house, Emma will be having her last year at this school and will be moving to middle school next year, the list goes on & on. We built our family in this little house, our life is here. I sure hope that the excitement of all the new things in our life will outshadow what we are leaving behind, because right now for me it’s 50/50 at best.

This sounds so dumb, but if I could, I would wrap my arms around this house and give it a big hug. It’s been awful good to us, and most of the true blessings that have come to me in my life, came to me right here. I sure will miss you, old girl. Somehow I just can’t detach my memories from this place, it’s like they live here and that I’m leaving them behind. My mind knows better than that, but I wish it would convince my heart.


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