Hello from the sickos

We are all finally getting better. It ended up with ALL of us getting this horrible cold/flu thing, and OMG has it been stressful. I was the first to get it, and am still coughing about 12 days after the whole thing started. Reid seems to be completely well now and is back to sleeping well at night and napping good…THANK GOD. Emma was off school Monday & Tuesday and felt well enough to go back today, although she was pretty tired when she got home. Scott is the sickest of us all now, and we are wondering if his bronchitis has flared up again over this and that he needs antibiotics. Ugh, it’s been rough on us all, this has been one ass-kicking virus.

So, now I will stop bitching. We signed the contracts with the builder, WOOT! The same day we got the financing ball rolling as well. We were pre-approved, but the builder needs something more concrete than that before they will begin consruction, so we had to start the loan process. So, that was pretty exciting! It will take 7-10 days for the title work and underwriting to happen for the loan. Once that is in, the builder will order the final surveys for the lot and we get to have our big meeting telling them our choices for brick, siding, countertop, etc etc (FUN!). So, looks like they will break ground in 3-4 weeks! 😀

I have to share a funny Reid story (my apologies to the SM’s, this is a direct copy/paste because I’m lazy). I call it “Reid’s $100 Joyride”

One night last week, about 1am he woke up and was screaming bloody murder. After about 20 minutes of him being totally inconsolable, we decided we better take him to the ER to have his ears checked. So, Scott ran him over there while I stayed home with Emma. After about 45 minutes or so, I called Scott’s cell to see how things were going. He said that they were on their way home, and you could hear Reid just singing and talking, having a bang-up time in the car in the middle of the night. I asked what the verdict was and he said that his ears and throat were clear and that it was just a virus that had to run its course. Scott said he was an absolute angel at the ER and charming the pants off everyone there. Paid the $100 ER copay and back home they came. So, basically it cost us $100 for Reid to have a massive tantrum and a ride in the car at 1am.

Isn’t he such a brat? 😉

Well, I am going to relax, knit, & watch TV while everyone is in bed, and maybe do a few loads of laundry in between. I got a lot done today around the house, and had so much catching up to do from all of us being sick. It feels good to have my house back again!


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