Hygiene Hijinks

I’m ashamed to say that I actually had to lather, rinse AND repeat tonight. My hair was so nasty from sitting around and being sick, that the shampoo wouldn’t lather up. How very sad. Why is it when you are sick and laying around as much as possible, that you can get so funky? Freshly showered, I would pass a sniff test now, so isn’t that really all that matters? Hygiene is for wimps, anyway.

Reid is definitely sick, but being surprisingly jovial and easy-going about the whole thing. His eyes are so watery, red and swollen that it looks like he’s been crying all day. I even took a video of him dancing to the Wiggles tonight, he was being so cute I could have ate him up with a spoon! (Don’t take that literally…although I have the appearance of someone who eats children, I haven’t ever even tasted them) It’s so cool how kids just roll with the punches while sick. I can honestly say there hasn’t been one moment during this cold that I felt even the inkling of an urge to dance.

I was surprised my midnight shower didn’t wake Reid up, but he is probably enjoying his Benadryl-induced coma and is so glad to have some relief so he can sleep. He looked absolutely miserable today, so much that I let him have ice cream and fruit for lunch. But then later on he cried for some ham and ruined my cool mom moment by rounding out his food group intake.

Got the final numbers back on the house, and they ended up throwing a few nice things we wanted in for free. So we may go through this with very little price haggling after all. The real estate agent said to ask them to knock off $2k but not push it either. When I told her that we really couldn’t meet with the builder this week because of Reid being sick and Scott working from dark to dark all week, she said that she would just go do it for us. She’s a friend/client of ours and is REALLY looking out for us. She keeps saying how excited she is for us and how much we deserve it for all the hard work we’ve put into our business, etc. She was our first big client when we started out. Funny thing now is that she’s one of our smallest now, things sure have flip-flopped!

I have to admit that we have come a LOOOOOONG way since 1995. Let’s see, we were newlyweds in a one-bedroom apartment (that we lived in sin together for two years prior to getting married), had just started Scott’s business, found out I was pregnant, and I was teaching computer classes at the local college. We bought all our clothes at resale shops and pretty much anything we owned was a hand-me-down. Who could forget the wooden-framed couch with a lovely rust/brown color scheme of liberty bells and wagon wheels for the cushions? I stripped and refinished the wood so it wasn’t that old ugly dark walnut color, and safety pinned a quilt to it as a slipcover. Absolutely charming.

We took food baskets many times from a friend of my MIL’s who ran a small food pantry out of her house. Scott could barely keep his crappy old work van running, and it was a struggle to keep gas in the tank. My only luxury was $20/month for a pay BBS called “Den of Happiness” where I would chat and play Tradewars…anyone remember that? The BBS days were actually a lot of fun, I remember resisting the internet big time because I loved my BBS’s so much and knew it would be the end of them eventually.

Anyway, I shall spare you the story of my life, I just had a short spell of nostalgia there and got off track. Not that I was really on track anyway…

I wish my hair would dry so I could go to bed, I can’t stand sleeping with wet hair, but the blowdryer would surely wake Reid up. It feels so gross to me to have wet hair while sleeping, it actually keeps me from sleeping. Then you get the added bonus of a gnarly case of bedhead.


Oh wow, I actually dozed off at the computer for a few minutes, so screw the wet hair. I’m going to bed and will face my crazy hair like a man in the morning. 😛


2 Responses to “Hygiene Hijinks”

  1. 1 Eeyore
    March 2, 2005 at 10:21 am

    Sounds like you’re sweating that sickness out! My hair was naaastayyy when I was at the peak of my sickness! Feel better soon.

  2. 2 Shannon
    March 4, 2005 at 9:40 am

    That is so awesome about the new place, you should be so proud with how far you have come!

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