My hubby, the hero

Scott called me today with the WEIRDEST story! He was on a small four-lane highway near our house and said all the sudden the guy in front of him started driving all crazy. He first went off into the shoulder of the road, then corrected and went across the opposite lanes, nearly missing several cars. Then he came back to the right lanes and was all over the road. Scott called 911 and told them what was going on and where they were, along with a description of the car. As they got nearer to town, he almost hit a propane truck. Scott was doing his best to use his big box truck to ease the guy onto the shoulder without hitting him, and sometimes using his truck to get between the guy and other people. He figured if the guy hit his truck, it would do much less damage or injury than if he were to hit another car. He said the guy was probably going 80 mph during this whole deal. Once in town, the guy went off the road and took out about 8 signs along the road. By this time, his car stopped because it was all screwed up and was undrivable. Scott pulled over and went up to the guy in the car, who was starting to get out. Scott yelled at him something to the effect of “get your ass back in that fucking car or I will kill you” and the guy got back in the car. Scott said he looked pretty screwed up, and when he was yelling at the guy that he could have killed a bunch of people, etc that the guy barely acknowledged what he was saying, just kind of going “uh huh.” The cops arrived and Scott gave a statement, blah blah. He isn’t sure if the guy was drunk, high, or had some medical problem, but that he looked really out of it. Scott said that about 10 other people had turned around to chase this guy down as well. So, that was his excitement for the day, wow! I’m glad that nobody was hurt, sounds like there were quite a few very close calls!

Today is our first big meeting with the builder, and I am sooooo excited! I’m having a blast negotiating all the stuff I want and demanding they do it for a lower price. 😉 The real estate agent is coaching me and telling me what to say, how to approach things, etc. She has also been having meetings with them doing the same thing, so they are being double teamed. Today they are really going to get it because we are all going to be at this meeting. Hopefully they will crack. But the agent wants us to do most of the talking at this one, and I got my coaching from her earlier on the phone. It should be a jolly good time, being a hard nosed bitch to their faces. 😀 I wonder if I can make them cry, that would be the ultimate. 😉 Something tells me that they at least won’t do it in front of me even if they do cry…they will save it till after I leave and deny me the satisfaction. Damn.

If you want to see some of the goodies we have picked out for the house, go here http://www.emmareid.com/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=newhousedecor
I will be adding things to it as we move along! I can’t wait to start posting pics of the thing being built!

I feel a bit bad, talking about the house so much here…but if a blog is where you put your thoughts, and that the house is all I can think about these days…then there you have it.

And I can’t get it out of my head (Electric Light Orchestra) –


2 Responses to “My hubby, the hero”

  1. 1 Debbie
    February 26, 2005 at 7:04 am

    Wow Mel. I’m glad Scott is okay and that he stopped that guy before he could do any real damage to someone else!

    I love all of the things you’ve chosen for your house! I especially love the ceiling fan for your living room. How cool.

  2. 2 Christina
    February 27, 2005 at 2:36 pm

    How scary! It’s a miracle no one was hurt. I would be curious to know what his deal was.
    I love the ceiling fans you have picked out!! The glowing one for Emma’s room is really cool!

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