Reid & the animals

I have a couple cute/funny stories about Reid and our pets I’ve been meaning to share.

One day when Reid and I were heading upstairs for his nap, and as usual he has to close the gate at the bottom of the stairs after going through it. Well, like always, Sophie (the dog) just HAD to follow us and she started whining at the gate. Reid swings the gate back open, makes a grunting sound and gestures Sophie to come through the gate! He was totally telling her to “come on, Sophie” just like we always do! It was so freaking cute and reminded me about how observant kids are at this age.

Reid and our cat, Cosmo, have become quite chummy lately. Reid is always wanting to love on Cosmo, and if Cos gets up before Reid is done loving on him, he will cry and point at the kitty. Cats are definitely Reid’s animal of choice, he just lights up any time he sees one. 🙂 Anyway, Cosmo has taken to sleeping with Reid, which I would have no problem with if it weren’t for the fact that the cat wakes Reid up by licking his head and laying on top of him purring at volume level 11 (any Spinal Tap fans out there? ;). So, I have to keep Cosmo downstairs when Reid is sleeping. That cat will cry, scratch, and literally throw himself at the door, and all he wants is to snuggle with Reid in bed. Which although is ridiculously adorable, is still not worth it waking Reid up. Tonight after about 10 minutes of trying to get the door open, Cos came halfway down the steps and totally shot me a “you suck” look!

In other news, I am startled about five times a day by Emma screaming VERY loudly. Reid has taken to biting her, and he does it hard and fast. One second he’s hugging her, the next he has a mouthful of her face. He thinks it is so funny and is obviously enjoying the reaction he gets out of her. 😛 Today he actually came up behind her and bit her on the ass, which was pretty funny, even Emma thought so. He has not even attempted to bite anyone else, it’s only Emma.

Well it’s late and I need a shower before I go to bed, so cutting this short.

We’ve got Armadillos in our trousers. It’s really quite frightening.

~Nigel Tufnel



3 Responses to “Reid & the animals”

  1. 1 Claralee
    February 3, 2005 at 3:52 pm

    me, me!! I’m a HUGE Spinal Tap fan. Its so nice to see a Nigel quote too 🙂
    Cute Reid story Mel, and I love the one about him biting Emma’s bum! Poor Emma.

  2. 2 Debbie
    February 4, 2005 at 10:25 pm

    OMG. ROFL here. Poor Emma, being bit on her bum, but that’s too funny!

  3. 3 Genevieve
    February 8, 2005 at 12:26 am

    Maybe she tastes good! 😀

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