Things that rock

  1. Boy taking one long nap instead of two short ones, thus eliminating one nursing per day! We are down to two nursings a day (well, if you don’t count the little ones at night). He napped for over THREE HOURS today! I cannot express how much this rocks.
  2. My kids rock. Boy is the cutest thing to ever draw a breath, and Girl has overwhelmed me with pride by being chosen to help a blind boy at her school get around. She takes him to his special classes like art & computers and helps him. She reads to him and is learning braille. She plays with him at recess so he has a friend. Yeah, I totally teared up over that one.
  3. Boy rocks because he’s so damn funny. This afternoon I went to put clothes in the dryer, and when I came out of the laundry room, Boy had deposited a loaf of bread in the living room floor that he retrieved from the kitchen table. That’s my boy!
  4. Sims2 rocks really hard, do yourself a favor and get it ASAP.
  5. My new digital camcorder rocks as well, and I am going to start working on my crochet & basic knitting instructional videos for my friends this weekend.
  6. My husband rocks for making a late night ice cream run for me tonight (and buying me the camcorder & Sims2, of course).
  7. Speaking of ice cream, Edy’s Grand Light French Silk rocks like no other.
  8. This weekend rocks, because we have NO PLANS!
  9. I’m pretty happy about things in general lately, so I’ll just go ahead and say that right now at this very moment, life rocks. I make no promises for tomorrow though.

Are you ready to ROCK AND ROLL?!



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