As you may know, we have been looking into moving. Well, today Scott took off work and we went driving around in an area we decided to focus on. We drove around most of the day with not much luck in finding anything. We had pretty much decided we wanted to build and were looking for subdivisions with open lots that were in our price range. We could only find one subdivision that had openings, but the houses started in the $300k’s and was WAY out of our price range. So, we came home a little more educated about the area, but really didn’t find much at all.

Well, after coming home, I went online to see if I could find something. I found one house that appeared worth looking at and called the realtor, and he was able to show it to us this evening.We liked the house, but didn’t LOVE it. The neighborhood was nice and the house was in a cul-de-sac, which is great for kids to play in (I grew up in a cul-de-sac and loved it). The paint, wallpaper, etc was VERY old-people looking and seriously outdated, but of course that’s something fixable. But there was hardly any yard, the front was maybe a 10×10 patch of grass, and there was NO backyard whatsoever. It was right along a tree line that was at the edge of a cliff that had railroad tracks below it. We were glad that we went & looked, but it really wasn’t for us.

So, we start to head home and see a sign at the entrance of another subdivision with “For Sale By Owner, 2 story home” and that is all it said. But it intrigued us enough to at least drive past since the subdivision looked nice. We pull up to the most adorable two-story house, with a wrap-around porch and two-car garage. The exterior is done in the exact colors I would have chosen. There’s a sign in the yard with a phone number and “Appointments Only” written on it. So, we tried calling the number from the cell and there was no answer, but we left a message. We drive up the road a bit to turn around, and there is a lady standing in her yard, talking to a man on a motorcycle. Scott decides to just ask if one of them knew anything about the house. The man on the motorcycle smiles and says “Well I know a little bit about it, since I’m the one selling it!” We started chatting a bit with him, and the neighbor he was talking to was SO NICE and telling us what an awesome neighborhood it is there.

The guy invites us down to come look at the house. The owners were so nice, and welcomed us right in to see everything. They have grown kids, the husband is a retired police officer and the wife runs a small daycare in the home. This house is EXACTLY like what I would have built, and the condition is like brand-new! It had a really warm and welcoming feel to it. When I say it’s exactly what I would want, I mean down to the window treatments (which come with the house), the color of paint on the walls…everything!!! Well, OK, there’s *one* thing…the house has dark green carpet, but with Husband being a flooring installer that is really minor and it’s not hideous, just not my thing if I were to choose. Here are some highlights:

3 bedrooms

3.5 bathrooms

Finished basement w/kitchenette

Wrap-around porch, which has child-proof gates at all the stairs

Updated kitchen

Nice sized yard, but not TOO big, in perfect condition (the grass was like velvet!)

Back yard attaches to well-maintained common ground where kids play

1/2 mile from school (all schools in the district are on the same campus)

AAA rated school district

8 minutes from any kind of shopping we could ever want to do

I’m sure there’s more but I’m tired and all a-flutter at the same time! Oh, and another neat thing is that there are two apple trees in the back yard, with really big apples on them. They let Girl pick some, which she thought was super cool! She walked around the house munching on an apple the whole time we looked at it. I asked if it was OK that she eat it while going through the house, and they said of course it was. Again, they were really nice.

Anyway, it’s a little bit over on price what we were shooting for, but is probably still do-able. I will probably spend a good part of tomorrow checking into financing, getting a market value assesment set up for our house, etc.

I almost feel like it was meant to be that we saw this house! It has put every thought of wanting to build right out of my head. I am going to call them in the next couple days to see if we can look at it again and take pictures (if they don’t mind).

Something tells me that this post is a jumbled up mess of random thoughts, but that is all that is going through my head right now! Thanks for reading if you got this far!


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