Quite the eventful weekend

So, Friday I got my weekly trip to the outside world. We went to Target for some serious family fun. Girl was a total pill, pouting because the purpose for our trip wasn’t to look at glitter-encrusted sandals and stickers. She even bugged me when we split up, seemed like every corner I turned in the store, there she was bitching and moaning about something. Good times.

Saturday, Husband went golfing with his usual group (my dad, my BIL, and BIL’s son). After he got back, we decided to go to Gamestop to trade in Husband’s game he recently beat, go to Michael’s for a craft kit that Girl wanted, and take the kiddos out to eat. The kids had a blast, boy charmed the pants off every person in the restaurant and was incredibly adorable. Girl loves it when people pay attention to her baby brother, and was egging him on to show off more for everyone. They were the stars of the show!

We had a GREAT time at Michaels, we got an excellent deal on a kit that makes 30 Christmas ornaments that are picture frames, I figured these would be awesome for the kids in Girl’s class to do as a group project for the holidays. Then couldn’t bypass Halloween and got some things for Girl to make door hanger decorations for that. I also bought a skein of beautiful yarn to start over on the drawstring bag I wanted to knit for Girl. I got pretty far on the first one, but it was obvious there wasn’t enough yarn (and it was old stuff from a store no longer in business, so no chance of getting more that matched perfectly). Also it was my first knitting project attempt and frankly was pretty sucky with plenty of dropped stitches and I was doing it on straight needles.

Here’s the progress of it as of now, and it’s going marvelous thanks to circular needles!

Fast forward to Saturday night after getting home, both the kids went to bed and I watched TV and knitted. It was so relaxing and I was really enjoying myself, so stayed up late. At 1am, we hear footsteps going towards the bathroom upstairs, which is unusual. Until we hear it, that “cough, wretch, hurl, SPLAT!” sound that every parent dreads. It basically means you will be cleaning up a pile of puke. I go upstairs, and there Girl is sitting on the toilet and barfing on the bathroom floor. I check Girl’s temp and she’s totally normal. She says that she just had to pee, and her stomach wasn’t even sick and she just coughed and up it came. She has nasty allergies, and I just chalked it up to her gagging on drainage in her throat, which has happened in the past. After cleaning up the puke mess, I wash up and go to bed…

Fifteen minutes later, I hear a panicked voice say “MOOOOOOMMMM!” and as I’m jumping out of bed I yell for her to make a run for the bathroom. She makes it and throws up again. Hmmm, this is more than gagging. To save you the major details, every 15 minutes from 1am to about 7am, Girl puked. I felt so bad for her, and have never seen anyone throw up this much. It was awful. And each time I checked her temp and it stayed normal. And she kept saying how her tummy never felt sick, but she could tell that she was going to throw up. Finally at 9am this morning, the puking stopped. She ate some saltines and drank Gatorade and she said she felt much better and looked 200% better and got color back in her face.

I *know* that she got food poisoning from the restaurant, it had to of been. For her to have no other symptoms but massive vomiting every 15 minutes for 6 hours solid, and how she never felt sick or had a fever was just totally odd. Nobody else was sick but her, and she was the only one who ate macaroni & cheese at the restaurant. Luckily, once she got to feeling better, she popped right out of it and ate and felt fine all afternoon. She was very glad that she would be able to go to school tomorrow, she hates to miss school.

Girl is constantly outdoing herself in the awesome big sister department, get this! During one of the times she was puking, Boy woke up and started crying (it was a miracle he slept through any of it, and he ended up sleeping better than he has in AGES!). Mid-hurl, Girl says “I’ll be OK, go take care of Bub.” Is that not the sweetest thing ever? So, I left her there to barf on her own. 😉 Nooooo, I told her there was no way I was leaving her and that Daddy could take care of Boy. What a great big sis she is!

So, after Girl was feeling better, we had a blast doing those Make It & Bake It things. Talk about nostalgia, I *loved* doing those things when I was a kid, and even had a special oven for them. You know, the metal frames that you sprinkled the teeny plastic beads into then cooked them in the oven that turned into suncatchers? It was really fun, I love doing things with my kids that I enjoyed when I was their age. I am now proudly displaying two suncatchers, one is dolphins and the other is frogs.

Boy is walking EVERYWHERE now, he is so adorable! He’s doing that drunk man walk and is quite proud of himself. He was attempting to run and turn corners quickly today, which he hasn’t quite mastered. It was a riot to watch him want to go somewhere and his legs taking him elsewhere. 😉 Oh, and he’s also figured out how to cross his eyes and that it makes us laugh histerically.

Back to the place that we ate/shopped at before the night took a bad turn…we are really starting to think that this is the city that we want to live when we move. It really is perfect for us, and has one of the few AAA rated school districts in the state. It’s a perfect mix of rural/city and has anything you could possibly want in about one square mile right in the middle of town. I can totally imagine us living there. It’s also perfectly located for Husband’s business and is still close enough to all of our family. It’s a middle-class mecca there, has both discount and mid-price shopping all right there. Tuesday, Husband is trying to make arrangements so we can take a couple hours to look at some new subdivisions and the homes they are building in them. Seriously exciting stuff!

Well, it’s time for me to decide how to spend the rest of my alone time, knitting or Animal Crossing. Scratch that, Boy just woke up and I’ll have to get him back to sleep. Crap.

Cleanup, aisle four-



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