On days that I’m tired, bored, and/or lazy, the poor F5 key takes a beating. I have refreshed my boards more times than I’d like to admit. I have literally refreshed the day away. And why is it that when you are bored and want to read useless blather, that nobody is willing to give it up? I’ve read all the blogs and boards, and still hunger for more crap to read. Wow, does that mean I should maybe pick up the book I started a couple days ago? Nah!

Boy is steadily taking more steps every day, he’s toddled around quite a bit last night and today. It’s way up there on the cute-o-meter. He is currently holding a book upside-down and reading it out loud in a foreign dialect.

I have spent the last two days with a puppet on my hand, no joke. Sometimes one on each hand, as we have the Baby Einstein “Blah Monster” and Goat models. Boy toddles over to me, clutching a puppet, shoves it in my face, and says “meemee.” Which is Boy-ese for “Mommy, put this puppet on your hand and entertain me with it, or I will have a meltdown and it won’t be pretty.” If I’m not fast enough, he will yell and throw the puppet at me. Sure makes for a good time, being forced into performing a puppet show.

The most exciting part of my day has arrived, the mail is here! Such a letdown how fast the high goes away from that though. But man, during that 30 seconds every day, it’s such a magical feeling. Shall I save the anticipation and wait a while to go get it, or throw caution to the wind and run right out there? Decisions, decisions.

I’m Somebody Now!



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