The kid who will eat anything

Boy has discovered the joys of cole slaw. And not just the plain cabbage kind, this is the mix made with slivered broccoli and cauliflower hearts along with cabbage. I gave him some last night just to see what he did with it, and he totally scarfed it! Now he’s enjoying a lunch of tortellini, peas, cole slaw, and a sesame seed breadstick. Having a high time smearing tomato sauce all over his face. He is the epitome of cuteness, grinning ear to ear with those baby teeth of his.

Girl is really enjoying our healthier eating style lately, and is constantly asking which foods are healthiest and trying her best to make good choices. It’s pretty neat to see how kids follow your lead. We have no junk food in the house, just tons of fruit & veggies and whole grain crackers for crunchy snacks. I still haven’t craved junk, and Husband has even noticed that. He says that he really sees a different attitude with me this time, more like it’s become a way of life rather than a “diet.”

I’m easing myself out of my lazy-fest and have all the laundry done. It was so nice though.

Well, time to scoot, Boy is giving his leftovers to the animals and is fussing for some blueberries. 🙂


1 Response to “The kid who will eat anything”

  1. 1 Wahooni
    August 5, 2004 at 7:38 pm

    Meara eats Altoids. She cries if I won’t give her one. She will stand there with her eyes wide saying “Mmmmmm!” while it blasts her mucous membranes to nothingness.

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