Dorf the sloth

Have I ever been lazy the last couple days. I mean SERIOUSLY lazy. The bare minimum is my friend. Hell, I’ve even been too lazy to put anything in the blog, and really there was nothing to talk about, since nothing was done.

It feels great I might add. I have played hours of game cube, ate sandwiches for nearly every meal, played with the kids, ran out of clean towels, ignored the baby toys all over the floor, and pretty much glazed over the necessities. The recliner has my ass print molded into it, a big one I might add.

I have eaten well though, haven’t strayed from my diet once. I can honestly say that I don’t miss the junk food or eating out. Could this mean that this is the time it’s going to happen for me? That would be awesome. Oh, and those two pounds that have been coming and going seem to be gone again. PLEASE be gone this Friday so I don’t have to look like an idiot with no pounds lost after 3 weeks of dieting!

But now I must catch up on laundry and have a sink full of dishes to load in the dishwasher. Then I can feel justified to play game cube some more. 😉

Don’t make me get out of this chair-



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