My weight is right back to where I started.  I know I had lost 3 pounds because I cheated and weighed myself mid-week.  I guess my day of the avocado must have affected it.  This just blows. 😦  I was soooo looking forward to changing that zero to an actual number.  Oh well, there’s always next week.  I have REALLY been eating good too.  I haven’t exercised yet, other than doing housework and chasing Boy around all day.  So I can’t say I have done EVERYTHING possible to lose weight…but sure seems to me I would have some progress after eating so well for two weeks.

It was another crazy night with Boy.  Took me 2 hours to get him to sleep, and to stay asleep he felt that he needed my boob in his mouth the whole time.  My right boob is so sore that it hurts for my clothing to brush across it.  I have these pains that feel like the shape of a root of a tree that pulse deep into my chest.  Nursing is the ONLY and I mean ONLY thing that comforts him.  I finally had to take a break and let him cry for an hour or so.  I about had him to sleep, he had settled down at one point, when Husband lets out this enormous SNNNNOOOOORRRREE! and woke Boy up again.  I was most appreciative of that.  This sent Boy into crying overdrive, in which he pulled himself up to a stand on me and proceeded to stomp the shit out of the exposed nerve that is my breast.  I yelped like a dog that had been kicked, it HURT.  Husband went into Girl’s room to sleep, since she stayed the night at Gma & Gpa’s.  He didn’t want to hear the crying, and I didn’t want to hear him snore, plus there was way more room in the bed now.

So, by 3am I chose which breast hurt the least and broke down and nursed him to sleep.  Then I was wide awake, so turned on the TV.  Soylent Green was on, what a ridiculous movie that is.  Funny what can grasp and keep your attention in the middle of a sleepless stupor.  So I watched about a half hour of that before falling asleep.  5am, the cat escapes from the laundry room via the cat door that’s not been blocked sufficiently by Husband.  He comes up the steps yowling and purring, then proceeds to pounce on my head.  Then he jumps on the night stand and starts wrestling with the remote controls.  I grabbed him and returned him to the laundry room where he cried like he had been beaten.

Then this morning I get a nose bleed.  Boy stopped crying and pounding on the keyboard as I started putting in this entry long enough to find amusement in the tissue shoved up my nostril.

Scott is having a bad day too.  His box truck is in the shop awaiting a new transmission, to the tune of $2600.  He bought a small van in the meantime just to have something to work out of.  Well, this morning the fuel pump went out on it and is being towed to the shop as well.  So he is once again without a work vehicle.  Luckily he’s working close to the house partially through next week, and all the big hauling has been done for that job.  So he can take the car and just run back to his truck(s) at the shop to pick up tools as needed.

Well this has been depressing enough, and I started this entry two hours ago, so time to publish it. 

Gimme a break,



2 Responses to “sonofabitch.”

  1. 1 AmICrazyYet
    July 30, 2004 at 8:36 pm

    sounds like everyone is having a week. Sorry you had a bad night. Keep up the good work with the eating, it will start to come off soon

  2. 2 Myaimistrue
    July 31, 2004 at 11:28 am

    I feel your pain! Mayhem refuses any other form of comfort outside of the boob as well. It is frustrating and exahusting. I keep trying to will her to like pluggies, or a stuffed lovey or a blankie, but it is a no go. 😦 The only advice I can give, is to wake them frm their nap. That way, when it’s actually bed time, the kid is so dang exahusted, they fall asleep right away. It’s the only thing that has worked for Mayhem.
    Good luck, may the force be with you!

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