I can finally change the damn number on my weight loss graphic.  Fridays are when I weigh in and I have lost a few.  I’ll be glad to not see that big fat zero on there anymore.

Oh my what an interesting morning I had.  My parents were going to take Girl out on their boat for the day, and Husband was supposed to wake everyone up early before he left for work.  If not for the cat aggravating the piss out of me and waking me up, I may have slept through my dad picking her up.  So, I wake up Girl and tell her she has 15 minutes to completely get ready, and I head downstairs to put the groceries away that I didn’t have time to last night.  I walk into the kitchen, and on the floor, upside-down is the hermit crab’s house.  There is sand and water and food and rocks and plastic plants ALL OVER the place.  And in the middle of the pile is the poor hermit crab.  It appears that the kitty knocked it off the bar.

Well, in the middle of cleaning up the mess, Boy wakes up so I have to run and get him.  Put Boy in the high chair and throw some cheerios on the tray and finish the hermit crab’s home restoration.  Then here comes my dad, with my goofy grandma in tow…she’s affectionately known as “Goofy Granny.”  GG oogles over the new kitty, whom I want to flog at this point and then everyone leaves.  Whew.

At least I got to get a ton of R&R in while Boy took his massive 20 minute nap. **eye roll**

On a positive note, a shout out to my friend Esoteric Girl, who has been added to my links.  She and I have been friends since the first day of kindergarten.  After my move in 8th grade, both of us getting married, and who knows what else in between, we have always managed to stay in touch.  On the first day of kindergarten, a girl was pinching me and she offered for me to sit by her.  We were friends from that day on!  I LOVED going to her house, and went a lot.  She had a swimming pool, a mom who would make picture-perfect lunches for us and helped us dress dolls, a dad who was funny and would bend over backwards to make sure I had fun there, and an adorable dog who we called “Mu.”  She had a cute older brother who would barely grumble at me, but I thought he was the coolest thing walking…and he had a Firebird with the huge logo painted on the hood.  I would trick-or-treat in her neighborhood with her and got the best candy.  Her house had a pink door and her mom had a bedroom that was literally wallpapered with photos of Elvis.  She teased me and said it was Elvis’ bedroom and that he slept there every night, and I believed her.  I remember every square inch of that house and it was my very favorite place to go as a kid.  Many of my best childhood memories were spent there with my very first and oldest friend.  Good stuff…

I have also added a few more links to lemmings from Momma’s House. 😉  Check them out, funny funny gals!

Out ridin’ fences,



4 Responses to “Tomorrow!”

  1. 1 esotericgirl
    July 30, 2004 at 10:42 am

    *sniff sniff* Awww Dorf, my oldest friend, that was so touching. We did have lots of fun didn’t we? *sniff sniff* How time flys…. I’m so glad we are still friends. Love ya! )))) BIG HUG (((((

  2. 2 esotericgirl
    July 30, 2004 at 10:43 am

    OH and I had no idea you thought my brother was CUTE! OMG! lol

  3. 3 Dorfmunder
    July 30, 2004 at 2:13 pm

    Oh yeah, he had that air of mystery about him (aka didn’t want to play with little girls) LMAO! I even remember the complete address to your dad’s house, I’m such a goob!

  4. 4 esotericgirl
    August 2, 2004 at 10:21 am

    As silly as this sounds if you ever have time, I’d love to see if you could jog some memories for me… I can’t remember to much from when we were little (don’t know why). I remember a few things from playing at your house, but not many at all of us playing at my house. So if you ever have time and feel like typing up some memories so I can (hopefully) go down memory lane (like what did we do, play dolls, barbies, dress up, what??) it would be nice. 🙂 No hurry obviously, and if you don’t feel like it or it is just too stupid to do (haha) no biggy!

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