Dee Tooth, Dee Tooth!

OK, so it’s hard to express with written words my Tatoo imitation, but it’s really good.

THE TOOTH POKED THROUGH BOY’S GUMS!  Just this afternoon, I noticed he was in a much better mood.  So I decided to check his gums, and lo and behold…A TOOTH!!!  Totally bitchin.  Maybe we can all sleep tonight.  He’s actually napping right now, yeehaw!

In other news:

Girl has a sudden ankle “injury” that appeared suddenly and seems to oddly come and go in spurts.  Spurts of pain seem to come on when there is an opportunity to give parents an award-winning pitiful look, or when a chore is given.  Patient seems OK enough to swim and run up and down stairs when she thinks nobody’s looking.  Diagnosis:  Pansy/Faker.  Treatment:  Patient has self-prescribed loosely wrapped gauze fastened with a ridiculous amount of tape and ice in a ziploc.  Update at 10.

Boy is obsessed, and I mean obsessed, with the dog food bowl.  He giggles in delight when he approaches it, and throws a temper tantrum when I pull him away from it.  How can he resist such a delicious treat?

Not fit for human consumption-



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